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Fountain Hills, Arizona (March 3, 2014) – Integrated IO®, LLC

Integrated IO®, a Fountain Hills-based technology solutions company, is proud to announce the inception of a brand-new security division, Proper Guard Security. Proper Guard will provide all of the residential and commercial security services that Integrated IO® has offered for years, but these services will be carried out under new leadership by a team that is highly skilled and experienced in the installation and maintenance of security systems.

After deciding that the efforts of his existing team of skilled techies are best allocated toward commercial wiring and communications infrastructure installation and services, Integrated IO® founder and CEO David Racich set out in search of a talented and like-minded security expert to take the reins of the company’s security division. While extensive, this search led Mr. Racich to a young and talented entrepreneur with whom he was previously acquainted: Lucas Kuhn of Scottsdale. Sharper than a tack and well-acquainted with the worlds of residential and commercial security, Mr. Kuhn will be in charge of the strategic implementation of Integrated IO®’s new security division.

Since 2011, Integrated IO® has provided hundreds of homes and businesses in the Phoenix area with state-of-the-art, user-friendly security solutions. While automated residential and commercial security solutions constitute a sizeable chunk of the work that Integrated IO® carries out, security is just one

of several technological fields in which Integrated IO® specializes. Lucas Kuhn and the team of highly capable security system experts he brings to the Integrated IO® staff, on the other hand, have dedicated virtually all of their working time and energy to installing automated security systems and carrying out related services.

Describing the development, Mr. Kuhn said: “Integrated IO® has created a security division called Proper Guard that will help the company offer more highly specialized security systems without taking its focus off its A/V, commercial and industrial divisions. Integrated IO®’s existing tech experts can throw their energy into the installation of home theater systems and commercial/industrial wiring solutions while my guys focus on installing and monitoring the best automated security systems that money can buy.”

With a shared determination to make monitoring a home or business easier for and more accessible to all home and business owners, Mr. Racich and Mr. Kuhn understand that they can offer superior services by pooling their resources and capitalizing on the strengths that each brings to the table. Commenting on the birth of Proper Guard Securityas a Integrated IO® division, Mr. Racich enthused: “This is the most exciting development Integrated IO® has seen in some time, and a great way to start the new year. I have worked with Lucas, the president of the new division, for years. He is an extremely intelligent guy and I have full faith in his abilities and those of his team of talented security experts. I am looking forward to having Proper Guard manage our security operations.”

By joining forces on the security front, Integrated IO® will be able to offer additional home and commercial security solutions, further contributing to its expansive repertoire of service offerings and the talent and expertise of its highly qualified staff. ProperGuard will have the opportunity to expand the market reach of Integrated IO®’s security division by impressing already satisfied customers and attracting new clients with its refined security and activity monitoring system installations and service plans.

The hallmark of Integrated IO®’s new security division, for the time being, is likely to be the fully automated security, lighting, thermostat, and lock control system, which will increasingly be installed, monitored, and maintained in collaboration with Proper Guard’s experienced security specialists.

Meanwhile, most of Integrated IO®’s skilled staff will be focused on further solidifying the company’s reputation as a first-rate purveyor of commercial wiring and communications infrastructure and services. With a wealth of combined experience and equipment, the Racich-Kuhn duo will be able to work more efficiently and with fewer stumbling blocks than either entrepreneur would face working on his own. The result of the strategic implementation Proper Guard as Integrated IO®’s security division, for consumers, will be cutting edge security and automation systems that are unparalleled in their effectiveness.

Although only in its infancy, Proper Guard has the potential to shake up the markets for residential and commercial security services in the Phoenix area. The confluence of talent, resources, and experience that Mr. Racich and Mr. Kuhn possess will enable the budding partners to command one of the Greater Phoenix area’s premier security installation providers. To learn about developments in the Proper Guard Security division of Integrated IO®, visit Integrated IO®Installation.com.

About Integrated IO®:

Integrated IO® is a licensed and accredited smart home technology and business network and telecom solutions provider with an AAA+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. The company was founded by David Racich in 2011, serves the Greater Phoenix area and Tucson, and has been lauded by publications such as The Fountain Hills Times for its innovation, reputation for excellent customer service, and affordable service prices.

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