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RV Audio / Video Installation


This client owns a nationwide company that provides commercial and residential roofing and HVAC services.  Taking a hands on approach to his business, he wanted to visit every site year round, but with all the amenities and comforts of home.  His solution, a logo emblazoned tour bus!  In short, he wanted to enjoy RV audio and video control capabilities, video solutions, and an RV exterior AV system that most consumers would not even believe exists. This is where Integrated IO® steps in, installing RV speakers and creating an exterior AV system that would draw the client's desired attention and bring cost-effective smarthome technology to his home on wheels.


The client expressed an interest in having HDTVs and superior audio installed throughout the RV, audio throughout with state-of-the-art speakers, an exterior AV system, and DirecTV service that could be easily accessed and controlled from anywhere! He wanted to be the envy of every tailgater who gets stuck behind him.  With an RV exterior AV system and professionally installed RV speakers outside the coach, he thought he could expand his market reach and impress prospective clientele.


A solid and extremely versatile foundation for total home control—and incredibly powerful control for the money.  Intuitive on-screen interface and the ability to control lighting, distributed audio, security, HVAC, energy management and more. With additional inputs and outputs, Control4 smart appliances enable consumers to easily integrate most popular A/V and electronics products into a user-friendly home control system. In the automotive word, Control4 RV solutions are the best way to have a state-of-the-art multimedia system at your fingertips while on the road, and are a great complement to a home Control4 system.

Control4 RV amplifiers provide high-quality sound to four or eight audio zones from distinct sources. Regardless of the size of your project, you’ll enjoy a powerful, multi-room music solution that’s fully integrated into your Control4 RV system. Both amplifiers offer full matrix switching, advanced parametric equalizer, independent input gain control and volume limiting capabilities.

The Multi-Tuner allows you to receive up to three radio signals simultaneously, including two AM/FM stations and an optional XM satellite radio stream. Incorporating a Multi-Tuner into your system means you no longer need to go to your tuner or receiver to select a station. Simply set up a favorites list and easily select them from your Control4 RV touch screens, on-screen displays, keypads, or system remote controls.

    • 7” Portable Touch Screen with Camera

The 7" Portable Touch Screen with Camera delivers always-on, dedicated system control in a sleek tablet form-factor that works as a portable or a tabletop touch screen for ultimate control and flexibility. The 7" Portable features full-motion video intercom and the fidelity of wideband audio intercom for crystal-clear communications and control throughout a home or business. 

    • Control4 SR-250

Control4 Navigators allow you to interact with your Control4 system. Control your lights, temperature, movies, music and more from any of our intuitive interfaces. Designed for use with Control4’s On-Screen Navigator, the SR-250 System Remote Control puts the power of total home control in your hands. It also has a convenient OLED backlit display that converts the Control4 Navigator into a text format.

  • Monitor Audio
    • W280

Featuring an 8 inch C-CAM bass driver and higher spec C-CAM tweeter, the W280 in-wall speaker provides a seamlessly accurate sonic signature across a wide frequency bandwidth in high quality music applications or in multiples for home theater. As part of the 200 Series of architectural speakers, it is easy to install and offers the biggest bass driver size of any speaker in its class. It includes a boundary compensation control for better sound near walls and corners.

  • Atlona
    • AT-PROHD44M-SR

4x4 HDMI Matrix Switcher over Twisted Pair designed to work as a switcher for multiple Audio/Video sources and displays. The unit is capable of switching HDMI signals between four sources and four displays.

  • NXG
    • NX-PRO6500G

Advanced engineering and state-of-the-art materials will provide you with years of listening pleasure. The NX-PRO6500 speakers were designed to appear like naturally occurring landscape rocks.

  • Samsung
    • LCD 550 Series TV
  • DirecTV Satellite boxes
  • Winegard
    • RoadTrip MiniMax

Compact size requires minimal roof space with enhanced antenna design for maximum reception.  Provides in-motion tracking of satellites while driving down the road.

The driver's area has its own set of speakers as well as the lounge, bedroom and exterior.  The exterior speakers are stored in the luggage are and when needed, are pulled out to entertain and cause envy.  There are 3 HDTVs, one in the lounge, bedroom and one securely tucked away beneath the coach in a luggage area.  All video sources are connected to the Atlona matrix and all audio sources (even the audio from video sources) are connected to the Control4 matrix amp, allowing any source to be played anywhere while an entirely different activity (or the same if wanted) is going on in another part of the coach.  Both the 7” touch screen and the SR-250 allow control of any zone in the RV even outside.

The RV audio install and RV video solutions provided for the client in this article are just one example of the cost effective Control4-based smarthome and smart RV solutions that Fountain Hills company Integrated IO® can provide. To learn more about the smart audio and video solutions we offer to residents of Fountain Hills and the surrounding area (including all Phoenix suburbs and Tucson), call (855) 4-Integrated IO®!

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