Avoiding Waste and Averting Damage with Leak Detection Technology

Feb 24, 2013

Every year, homeowners and their insurance agencies spend millions of dollars on water damage repairs that could be avoided with available leak detection technology. The most advanced of these options incorporate home automation control systems like Control4, and come to the rescue in scenarios similar to that described below.

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You’re on vacation in the Bahamas. You didn’t think to turn off your home’s main water line valve before leaving because, well…you live in Arizona. At the time you left, blizzards were not in the seven-day forecast for Tucson and nobody expected the Salt River Stadium in Scottsdale to be blanketed in snow that the Arizona Diamondbacks never have to worry about on their spring training turf. Still, the unexpected took place. And what are you supposed to do: fly home? No. Instead, you cross your fingers and do your best to enjoy the rest of your vacation, perhaps asking a neighbor or close friend with key access to check on your pipes and disengage your main line connection if it’s not already too late. If you are lucky you will come back to an intact home. If you are unlucky, then you could come home to a costly, smelly mess that will cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars to remedy.


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Put yourself in the same situation, but imagine that your home is equipped with WaterCop water shutoff, Axxess valve reading technology, GRI leak detection, and a Control4 home automation solution. The news that a snowstorm is blowing in your hometown could be met with worry-free ease as you continue your relaxing holiday in a tropical paradise. Why? WaterCop will send a signal to Axxess to shut off your valve as soon as the freezing temperatures are detected. In the unlikely event that interaction between these two systems fails, a Control4 leak alert will be sent to your smartphone. You can then call a professional to check on your home’s plumbing for you, and return to the warm, dry, beautiful home you left without having to worry about costly repairs and the health hazards associated with indoor water damage.


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Does the leak detection technology described in this article sound appealing to you? Thanks to the smart home experts at Integrated IO®, the technology described in this article is accessible to you. To find out more about the leak detection and other home automation solutions we provide to residents of Phoenix, Tempe, Scottsdale, and Tucson, call our Fountain Hills office at (855) 4-WIREDUP or visit Integrated IO®Installation.com!

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