Four Kitchen Appliances for Your Phoenix Smart Home

Apr 13, 2016

The kitchen is the heart of many a home, the room where meals are baked with love and magic happens when people who know what they’re doing spend time in it. If you spend a lot of time in your kitchen, you want it to be a place that makes you feel good. Décor, layout, and organization are important to making a kitchen great, but there’s something else that can make you feel great about your kitchen. Here are four smart kitchen appliances that can revolutionize the way you cook and eat.



Health nuts and those who simply prefer to enjoy their food, take note. HAPIfork is here to help you control your eating speed, making digestion easier and helping you savor every bite of tasty food you take. Using Slow Control technology, the HAPIfork buzzes tracks the rate and speed at which you’re chewing, buzzing and beeping if you’re eating too fast. Nothing like a good dose of embarrassment to help get you in shape.


iSommelier Smart Decanter

There’s nothing like fine wine. But some of us hardly have the patient to let a nice, expensive bottle of wine sit in the cellar for three years after it’s brought home so that it can be optimally enjoyed. If this is you, then you need an iSommelier. Using concentrated pure oxygen, this smart kitchen appliance aerates wine to speed up the aging process so you can enjoy special bottles of wine when you wish without compromising their quality.



If you’re going to spend a small fortune on a juicer, it might as well be a smart juicer. The WiFi-enabled Juicer seeks to make juicing cleaner and easier, and thus more appealing. The juicer’s companion app tracks the “packs” of fresh fruits and veggies you juice, notifying you when you’re running low on blueberries or beets. You can also use the app to find out where the raw, organic fruits and veggies you juice and drink were grown.



Bartending is a handy skill to have, but do you really want to spend all of your time at parties mixing cocktails with your friends only to feel unsure about whether or not they’re up to snuff? The Somabar mixes excellent drinks for you, and in almost no time at all. Aside from this smart appliance, all you need is its companion smartphone app and a few ingredient pods.


Ready to wizen up your kitchen? The pros at Integrated IO® can configure any gadgets you haven’t managed to install and meet all of your other home automation needs. Check out our website or give us a ring at (480) 836-1446 to find out more.

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