Convince Skeptical Employees to Adopt New Technologies

Oct 12, 2016

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Modern technologies enable businesses to streamline their operations, enhance client engagement, and increase productivity. To maximize the benefits you can reap from new technologies, it’s usually important for your employees to all be using the same software and apps. If you have employees who are resistant to change or otherwise skeptical about adopting new technologies, here are ways to persuade those employees to get with the program.

Set Forth a Vision

Whenever you adopt a new technology in the workplace, prepare a document to distribute to employees or a presentation highlighting why you are adopting the technology in question. Sell the benefits of the new technology to your employees. Try to include ways your employees will directly benefit from using the technology.

Choose User-Friendly Technologies

Intuitive, user-friendly technologies tend to be the easiest way to get employees on board with using. Shop around, and, when deciding between two otherwise similar technologies, choose the more user-friendly one. If feasible, you can also pilot competing technologies in the workplace and collect feedback from employees on which they found easiest to use.

Put Thought into Training

Proper training is integral in getting employees to embrace new technologies. Since need for training may vary among your employees, consider offering customized training methods to prevent unnecessary and redundant training but ensure your less tech savvy employees receive ample training. Follow training sessions up with questionnaires, and encourage employees to let you know if they feel their training is inadequate.

Incentivize Use of New Technologies

Once you notice tangible benefits you can attribute to the use of a new technology, trumpet them. Highlight productivity gains and other boons to your business, and encourage your employees to keep up the good work. If reward-based incentivization works well in your workplace or you’re struggling to convince employees to use a new technology, recognize and reward employees for effectively using the technology.

Convincing skeptical employees of the benefits of anything can be challenging. Embrace the challenge like any other your business faces, and employ these strategies to get employees on board. For structured cabling services that make using new technologies even easier for you and your employees, call Integrated IO® at (480) 836-1446.

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