Installing Your Wireless Speakers

Installing your wireless speakers for your home theater system is a fairly simple procedure. Since you're just upgrading to a wireless speaker for your home theater, we can cut right to the chase: Converting to a wireless speaker system

  1. Installing the Non-Integrated Wireless Transmitter

    Since you are using the non-integrated type of wireless transmitter (most upgrades do), you'll want to position it close to your home theater system as well as the power supply. It will need to be connected to your home theater system with wires, paying close attention to the destination and purpose of each wire. We HIGHLY recommend using the minimum length of wires to connect the components, and label the wires at each end for easy identification.

  2. Mount and Connect Your Speakers

    After installing your wireless transmitter, mount or place your speakers in their appropriate spots. Most after market wireless home theater speaker systems have some speakers wired directly to the home theater unit, and only uses wireless for the speakers that are placed across the room. In this case, there will be a receiver to plug into the wall and then a couple of speakers to wire to this receiver. Attach the speakers and then plug in your receiver. Ensure the receiver is turned on.

  3. Turn on and Test Your Home Theater

    After all the connections are made and power provided to your wireless speakers and your home theater system, turn on all components and test each speaker to ensure they are all functioning. If everything was done right, you should now be able to enjoy the wireless speakers on your home theater system!

Getting Interference or Poor Performance?

Whether you have one wireless speaker or a dozen, you may have performance issues with your wireless speaker system after it is installed. If you have problems with sound clarity or intermittent performance, you may have some conflicting signals in the home. In this case, changing the frequency settings on your wireless speaker transmitter should fix this. To do this, simply follow the instructions that came with your wireless speaker system.




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