The Custom Sound System

Installing your custom sound system is difficult to describe because of the dozens of varieties of custom designs available. Here we'll discuss a few of the considerations.

General Design of the Custom Sound System

The design of your custom sound system may include one room of your home or several, outside speakers, or any variety of combinations. Regardless of the number and placement of your speakers, you'll want to make sure you don't exceed the limits of your media devices. If you do, you could end up damaging your devices by drawing too much power.

Mounting Your Custom Speakers System

If you are mounting any of the speakers of your custom sound system on a wall, you'll want to be sure there are studs where you want the speakers mounted. This ensures the speakers will not fall off from the vibrations emitted by the speaker. If no stud is available, special anchors will be needed, though this is not recommended. If you're not sure, please ask for professional help. If this is the case with your home speaker installation, this might be a good time to get one of our free consultations.

Getting Sound to Your Custom Sound System

Most custom sound systems will be wireless, or have concealed wires at the very least. These types of sound systems are generally better looking if they are professionally installed. However, if you are really good with tools, you may want to tackle this installation project yourself.

Connecting the Speaker Wires to Your Media Device

Your custom speaker system will have some wires, even if you "go wireless". We recommend routing wires through walls and under floors for looks and performance reasons. As you connect the wires, consider how you will be grouping the wires to keep them neat. Before actually connecting the wires to the media device, make sure your home theater system is turned off. Then connect the wires to the back of the media unit (DVD player, BluRay player or other device).

Routing the Wires of Your Custom Sound System

As mentioned before, all sound systems (even "wireless" systems) must have some wires. In custom speaker systems there will be many wires to connect and neatness, as always, does count. As you place the speakers at their desired angles, keep the wires bunched together for neatness. For appearances, either tuck the speaker wires under the edges of carpeting, affix them to the baseboards, use wiring channels or run the wires through the walls of floor to conceal long runs of speaker wire. Regardless of the method you choose, please take your time and do it neatly.


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