Mounting and Placing Your Speakers:
The 7.1 Speaker System

7.1 Speaker Placement

The first thing you'll want to do before actually wiring your 7.1 speaker system is arrange the six speakers to broadcast the sound so the listeners hear it best. Typically the first four speakers will be mounted to either side of the television screen, with the sub-woofer and the tweeter just below the screen. The remaining two speakers will be to either side of your couch.

Angling the Speakers

Having the side speakers slightly angled toward the seating area helps the sounds to blend well for the audience. This is a technique that can make a huge difference in the home theater experience. As shown in the diagram to the right, the sound coming from all speakers should converge at the center of your seating area.

Mounting Your Home Theater Speakers

If you are mounting any of the speakers of your 7.1 sound system on a wall, you'll want to be sure there is a stud where you want the speaker mounted. This ensures the speaker will not fall off from the vibrations emitted by the speaker. If no stud is available, special anchors will be needed, though this is not recommended. If you're not sure, please ask for professional help. If this is the case with your home speaker installation, this might be a good time to get one of our free consultations.

Laying Out the Wires for Your 7.1 Speaker System

Separate the six wires you'll need to connect your speakers to your home theater system. Lay out one wire to each speaker, and remember to label the media end of each wire so you will know which is which. Considering how ugly wires can be, you may consider using some method of concealing the wires or installing a wireless speaker system.

Connecting the Speaker Wires to the Media Device

Before connecting the wires to the media device, make sure your home theater system is turned off. Then connect the wires to the back of the media unit (DVD player, BluRay player or other device).

Routing the Wires of your 7.1 Sound System

Routing the wires for your 7.1 sound system is a little more complicated than just running your wires and plugging the speakers in. There will be several wires to connect and neatness, as always, does count. You'll want to place the speakers at the correct angles, keep the wires bunched together for neatness. For appearances, either tuck the speaker wires under the edges of carpeting, affix them to the baseboards, use wiring channels or run the wires through the walls of floor to conceal long runs of speaker wire. Regardless of the method you choose, please take your time and do it neatly.

Cutting the Speaker Wires

Unless you have special connectors on each end of your speaker wires, you can cut the wire after you have the cable routed properly. If your speakers are free standing, we recommend having at least an extra 12 inches (or 30 cm) to allow for movement of the speakers. If they are wall mounted, you won't need more than a few extra inches. Once they are cut to the desired length, connect the wire to the speaker.

Turn the Home Theater System On

Now is the time to check your work and hear how your new 7.1 speaker system works. Simply turn on the media device and listen at each speaker to make sure all three speakers are working properly.

You've just completed the installation of your new 7.1 speaker system for your home theater!


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